Metaverse - the future of the tech-driven world and new-age technology


From the year 2021, the term 'metaverse' became a common one and became an everyday usage. Because of this, it caused a global debate and people started discussing what this term refers to. 

Even though the previous year saw a good debate about this term and new-age technology, in the preceding year (2022), we still don't know the right definition. According to a technology website, it has been said that metaverse would be a replacement for the internet world. And all of us would be living in the metaverse universe. It is also assumed that metaverse has some relation with the NFTs. Whereas many people say that Facebook might own this, therefore, it changed its name. But since all of these are just mere assumptions, no one knows the solid definition of this new technology that has entered the tech-driven world. 

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The theory of metaverse 

To understand what metaverse is and why it has taken over the market, here is an explanation about how metaverse would work and for what it would be used.  

Metaverse - a product or a kind of service

In the year 2022, the famous investor Matthew Ball said in one of his articles that metaverse is referred to as a real-time 3D world where users can experience synchronisation and an individual presence in the technology world. 

According to Ball's definition, metaverse acts as a product and has some core attributes which include: 

  • persistence 
  • synchronicity 
  • interoperability 

Metaverse - as a place 

Metaverse has also been called a place where people can hang out, interact, connect to different people, as well as transfer themselves to different locations digitally. 

Metaverse - a moment 

According to a startup entrepreneur - Shaan Puri said in one of his tweets that metaverse is a "point in time." 

He mentioned that metaverse is a point where our online identities, relationships, and different experiences would be more valuable than that of our physical lives. This makes the metaverse a "sociological shift" and not much of a technological shift. 

The practice of metaverse - three AIs involved in shaping the future of the metaverse 

Metaverse has a bunch of definitions for today's age. But it mainly depends on the ones who will be using this new technology of metaverse - people. The rise in questions of people about metaverse and different features about it might help in proving different predictions and viewpoints about the socioeconomic and technological change that the metaverse is about to bring in the internet world. 

According to the technologists, there would be two different categories - thinkers and builders. The advancements in technology that happened last year would bring us one step closer to the metaverse and would make this a reality. 

The three extended technologies that would majorly be a part of metaverse are: 

  • Virtual reality (VR) 
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) 


By a few years, metaverse would be expected to be a part of our daily lives and would be primarily based on virtual reality. If metaverse exceeds and makes progress, it would also help the graphic processing units, 3D engines, and volumetric video and AI to grow alongside. 

Not only this, but metaverse would also increase the use of cloud computing and the blockchain infrastructure. 

Not only this, the metaverse is considered to be a digital escape in today's world. According to Mark Zuckerberg, a metaverse is a form of video game where people can digitally move from one place to another. He claims that metaverse is already a part of us and our new-age technology. 

Tech experts say that Meta (previously known as Facebook) would acquire metaverse and a major gaming franchise by the end of 2022. Tech experts also claim that metaverse would not 'replace', rather enhance the human experience of the tech-driven world.  

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Metaverse continues to be a debate in today's time. Since so many big entrepreneurs are ready to invest and franchise this new technology, it has a lot of potential and would be claimed as the future of technology. 

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