Geofencing and Forensic Watermarking can be used to effectively combat piracy

The world has shrunk in size as a result of the widespread adoption of the internet and digitization. Video and television shows can spread across the world within a few hours of being released in one part of the globe. To combat streaming content piracy, it is critical that content creators implement strong security measures. Content providers can track and prevent unauthorised access to their video assets by using techniques such as DRM protected content and forensic watermarking.... It is also possible for content owners to use "geofencing" to restrict and optimise their programming for different geographical regions. 

In some cases, content providers may have to restrict access to video assets in specific regions. Due to the fact that a video's licencing rights are only valid in a specific area, or due to security concerns, the video may not be accessible outside that region. As a result of geofencing, videos are only viewable in a limited number of locations. 

Geofencing can also help studios release content at the right time for different regional audiences. Let's say a studio wants to offer a movie at a lower cost or in a different format in a specific region. In the first place, it prevents the wrong people from receiving localised content. As a part of Geofencing, an IP subnet is used to block digital media. The local ISP (internet service provider) ties each device to the user's physical location using a unique IP address. If you want to keep people from seeing the video, block their access to specific IP addresses.

By distributing pirated content where it is not supposed to be, pirates are often thwarting this logic. Video watermarking comes into play in this situation. Geofencing and forensic watermarking can be used together to track content that has strayed from its intended boundaries. A watermark detector can be used to identify the source of leakage in the event of infringement by extracting and detecting the watermark embedded in premium content. The distribution channels and the malicious users can then be targeted with appropriate measures.

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