What are the Different Types of Tube Expander Tools for Heat Exchanger?


While dealing with industries that require too much heat or dissipate heat need to use a tube expander because when products become heat, theyexpand but when theyget cold theyshrink down. Every tube expander manufacturer in india focuses on these situations and tries to make products that can efficiently transfer heat. The main work of these devices is to enlarge the diameter of tubes that are used in heat exchange, boilers, and other heat transfer processes or equipment to enhance the overall efficiency of the entire heat system. In this article, we will learn more about heat expander devices and their different types with their multiple applications.

Types of Tube Expanders in Heat Exchange

Here is the type of tube expander tool for heat exchanger and how it is useful in industries:

  1. Flaring Tool

One of the most common and effective ways to expand the tube for heat exchange is by using flaring tools. These tools are mainly used to create either flare or expand at the end of a tube. In industry, workers use a flaring tool for joining multiple pipes or tubes by expanding their endpoints securely so that it can fix the issue of extra leakage that may cause lots of problems in the future and waste of resources because of leakage. In daily life, flaring tools have their main application in refrigeration and air conditioning systems where it is required to join pipes or tubes.

  1. Rolling Tube Expander

A worker who wants to expand the diameter of tubes in a heat exchange system or boiler then they need to use this rolling tube expander because it will be more efficient than other tools. Let's understand the working of a rolling tube expander, it is a set of multiple rollers that can be inserted into a tube where it rotates all the time due to which it exerts an outward pressure that is responsible for the expansion of the tube. It is a more efficient way to connect heat exchanger tubes because it offers a uniform fit and becomes tight so that nothing gets leaked. It can be used in multiple industries like refineries, power plants, and chemical processing.

  1. Swaging Tools

Swaging tools are unique tools that function differently and workers need to understand their working before using them because theyreducethe diameter from one end while also increasingthe diameter at the other end very slightly. Industries use these swaging tools for connecting tubes or pipes that are of different sizes and it also creates a secure connection with multiple components easily. The most common application of these swaging tools is in manufacturing these heat exchangers and maintaining their efficiency.


Every tube expander deviceis made up for different purposes as we have seen few are working in air conditioning systems while a few of them are working in power plant industries as well. A worker needs to understand the workings of every tube expander before using it because it may cause huge accidents in the future due to leakage of heat. With advanced technologies coming intothe picture, we can expect a few smart tube expanders that can work precisely and workers need to worry less.

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