How To Buy Unlisted Shares Online That Includes High Risk

People like to invest in the financial market and have seen many ups and downs. Different companies provide their shares to be issued by the people. There is always a fluctuation in the share market, and people should always study the graph of the share they are purchasing to have an idea about its working. SEBI regulated the stock market. It is said that investing in the share market decreases the risk of losing money. People should always check the prices and analysis to buy unlisted shares online.

What are unlisted shares?

Unlisted shares are different from those because they come with the risk, and listed shares ensure safety. After all, it is being monitored by SEBI. An unlisted share is available for trade, and it is also defined as a security or any financial interment. An unlisted share is also known as (OTC) over-the-counter securities because they are traded on over-the-counter markets, which are decentralized and do not have physical locations. The unlisted shares are traded online or electronically.


Method to invest in unlisted companies

People can efficiently be invested in the stocks of the high unlisted companies. The following are the methods to invest in unlisted companies:

  • Startups and intermediaries: When a person invests in a startup company, the company's shares will directly come to the Demat account of the person. It ensures no exchange involvement because the trade is not happening on record. People should invest in startups that can be grown shortly.
  • Brokers help buy shares from employees: In some cases, brokers lead the way and help contact the company's employees. The employees are selling the shares at a fixed price. The unlisted share price is set. People can easily buy shares through this method. This method is easy and effective.
  • Purchasing from the promoter: People can approach a bank to invest in a company. The broker or the manager will acknowledge the person about the share price. The managers or brokers have contact with the company's promoter, and they can help people connect with the promoter directly.
  • Invest ins one scheme such as PMS: PMS is referred to as Portfolio Management Systems. The portfolio managers tend to change the portfolio's weight to increase or maximize the investor's net returns. People can get benefited from the PMS schemes.


Why are unlisted stocks classified as illiquid instruments

Generally, it is said that unlisted stocks include high-risk instruments because they are hard to encash. They could be encashed only when:

  • If the broker has someone for the stock like another buyer.
  • When the IPO company comes into existence, a person can sell the share.
  • If there is no buyer and no IPO company, then the stock or share of the person gets stuck.

People have many options to buy unlisted shares online. People can buy the shares with the help of brokers, company employees, promoters, etc. The unlisted shares include the risk, but people should analyze the graph before purchasing the share of any company.

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